General Election 2019: Bacc for the Future statement

Deborah Annetts, Founder of the Bacc for the Future campaign said:

‘Irrespective of the results of the General Election, the priorities set out in Bacc for the Future’s manifesto remain the same.

The EBacc is undermining creative subjects in our secondary schools, further demonstrated by the wealth of new evidence published in the last month, including the CBI’s report ‘Centre Stage’ and the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education’s self-titled report. Both reports outlined in scrupulous detail the decline of creative education in schools and called for the EBacc to be reformed to include a sixth pillar.

Creative subjects are central to our cultural life, a key driver of economic growth, and give our children the tools to navigate a fast-changing digital world but our current education system is failing to prepare for the future. The incoming Government must review the EBacc – a failing policy – and reform or scrap it altogether.'