School charging £5 a week to take GCSE music

As we start the New Year, more troubling news has come to light with a West Yorkshire school charging parents £5 a week for their children to take GCSE music as an 'extra-curricular activity.'

Music magazine Gigwise broke the story over the New Year, linking to the Bacc for the Future website and the story was covered by BBC Online, the Daily Mail, Times, The Stage (three times), Classic FM, Rhinegold and the Telegraph and Argus (Bradford).

Andrew Lloyd Webber has now come forward to publicly criticise the school saying:

‘I am a passionate believer in the importance of the arts in schools, particularly music, which transcends all languages, shades of politics, race and creeds.’

And Lyn Gardner has warned that ‘children will be denied access to any form of arts education at school as theatre and music options are excised from the curriculum’ in her blog ‘Don’t price kids out of the arts’.

Take action now to save the arts in schools!

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