Government slammed over EBacc in major parliamentary debate

Members of the House of Lords attacked the Government over the English Baccalaureate during a major debate on music education yesterday (Thursday 18 October).

The debate, led by Lord Black of Brentwood, showed huge cross-party concern about the impact the EBacc was having on creative education. The damaging impact of the EBacc was mentioned by the vast majority of debate participants from all parties.

Bacc for the Future was mentioned by crossbencher Lord Aberdare:

Fifty-nine per cent of respondents to the [University of] Sussex survey highlighted the EBacc as having a negative impact on the provision and uptake of music and more than 200 leading organisations have signed up to the “Bacc for the Future” campaign, seeking reforms to the EBacc. I cannot understand how, in the teeth of ever-growing evidence, the Government persist in asserting that the EBacc as currently constituted is not seriously harming music education.

Parliamentary opposition to the EBacc is growing, and you can help. Write to your MP today asking them to oppose the EBacc and protect creative education for future generations.