Bacc for the future hailed as an 'increasingly brilliant campaign'

In his piece for Tes, 'The prevailing mood in the schools' music community? Despair', Bernard Trafford hails Bacc for the future as an 'increasingly brilliant campaign' whilst reflecting on the absence of the Schools Minister at the Music and Drama Education Expo last week.

This is fantastic coverage for our campaign and it is more important than ever that we continue to fight the EBacc as the uptake of creative subjects at GCSE continue to decline year on year.
But we need your help to make a difference.

Write to the Prime Minister and your local MP today about why creative subjects matter in our schools.

The Cultural Learning Alliance and the Edge Foundation publish Employability & Enterprise Briefing
The briefing sets out how studying arts subjects makes young people work-ready and employable, and why the UK economy needs the creative industries to thrive post-Brexit.
Please do share this briefing with your family and friends, colleagues and social media.

(We’ve updated our template letter online, but it is always best to send a personal email or letter if you can.)
If you get a reply, send it to
The EBacc must be scrapped or reformed before any further damage is done.