Harry Potter director John Tiffany: ‘Why aren’t we taking to the streets over the EBacc?’

Director John Tiffany has said the UK is “catastrophically denying” opportunities to young people by cutting the arts in education. The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child director also slammed the introduction of the English Baccalaureate as a “total disaster”.

He was speaking at an event in London run by the campaign organisation Art School, which aims to improve the links between the arts industry and education.

“I’m absolutely obsessed with this notion of what opportunities we are catastrophically denying [by cutting arts education] in society,”
he said.

Referring to the time he spoke at a House of Lords inquiry on the subject, Tiffany said:

“Jack [Thorne], Jo [JK Rowling] and me all went to state school, and I was able to very clearly say to them if you’re not going to listen to the moral argument here, the piece of theatre that is probably going to make the country more money than any other piece of theatre in its history would not exist if we were graduating today.”

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