Cut in school funding risking 'non-EBacc subjects' in schools

In December 2016, the Government launched a proposal for a new, ‘fairer’ funding formula for all
schools in England to be phased in from September 2018.

“…..In the current system similar schools and local areas receive very different levels of funding with little or no justification. Under-funded schools do not have access to provide the same opportunities to do the best for their children.” The government wanted to revise the National Funding Formula for schools to provide “a system that supports opportunity for all, underpinning social mobility and social justice…..”

(Department forEducation)

This proposed 'fairer' funding policy means that many schools are facing considerable cuts to their funding.

As reported by BBC News and UCanPlay, the specific changes to the funding formula will result in a decrease of £151,000 in next year’s budget for a school in Cheshire.
In a letter to parents from the Headteacher, the consequences of the cuts were outlined:

  • The closing of our Sixth Form;
  • The removal of all non-EBacc subjects from the curriculum (art, music, drama, design & technology etc). Children would only have lessons in English, maths, science, a modern foreign language, history or geography, PE and RE;
  • The school only being open for the school day and then closing to save money on utilities – so the ending of all extra-curricular activities before and after school;
  • The removal of key support staff, especially those linked to the pastoral care of students and those with special educational needs;
  • The real possibility of a four-day school week!